Competition: The heart of what we do

Brian Faessler in the Paul's Automotive 2013 Mustang rocketship

NASA Championships/Miller Motorsports Park, September 6-8, 2013

Brian Faessler, driving the Paul's Automotive Engineering 2013 Mustang with its GOODAero Raptor wing and custom uprights, dominated the very fast AIX (American Iron Extreme) and STR1 classes all weekend until a trivial part in the suspension sidelined him five laps into the final AIX race, preventing him from making the STR1 final. Even so, he turned the fastest lap of the event for a production-based car, a 1:56.871, beating out a gaggle of Corvettes, Viper Competition Coupes, Porsche Cup Cars, and pretty much everything else you can think of, in the process.

While the amazing handling and power of his car is a testament to the incredible work done by the Paul's Automotive Engineering team, his move to the GOODAero Raptor wing mid-season no doubt contributed to his fantastic showing.

In NASA Great Lakes, Brian's home region, Brian was awarded the Great Lakes Regional Driver of the Year honor. This, in recognition of his amazing season with 8 wins and 5 second-place finishes out of 13 starts.

Aaron Leichty dominates TTC at Putnam Park

Photo courtesy of and copyright 2013 Nate Stevens. All rights reserved worldwide

NASA Great Lakes/Midwest at Putnam Park Raceway, May 18-19, 2013

Aaron Leichty, driving his menacing S2000 equipped with a GOODAero Talon wing and uprights, dominated TTC all weekend. His balanced aero setup helped drive him to victory both days with single-lap margins of 2.093 seconds (Saturday) and 2.486 seconds on Sunday. The next guy? Not even close!

Afterward, in a post on Facebook, Leichty had this to say: "This seems like a perfect opportunity to thank Scott Good of GOODAero yet again for an awesome wing! The entire process of purchasing a 100% custom wing from GOODAero was in fact easier than dealing with the many companies selling inferior generic 'aerodynamic' products. I can only imagine the hard work that Scott puts in behind the scenes, but my involvement was limited to a phone call and a couple emails. From concept to finished product it was a joy to see what he came up with — and I have to say I couldn't be more pleased with the finished product!"

Big Kat Racing dominates TTB at Putnam Park

NASA Great Lakes/Midwest at Putnam Park Raceway, May 18-19, 2013

Big Kat Racingthat's Kat with a K!, they cheered at the awards presentation—crushed the competition in NASA Time Trials B (TTB) competition at Putnam Park (Mount Meridian, Indiana, forty miles west of Indianapolis). Big Kat runs a beautiful silver Porsche 944 Turbo with full GOODAero wing, uprights, and splitter systems and posted an amazing one-lap winning margin of 5.113 seconds on Saturday and 5.042 seconds on Sunday!

In a sport measured in thousandths of a second, multiple-second single lap margins are almost unimaginable. Congratulations!

TopSpeed Motorsports make it four in a row at One Lap of America with their GOODAero Raptor. Photo courtesy of TopSpeed Motorsports.

Photo courtesy of and copyright 2013 TopSpeed Motorsports. All rights reserved worldwide

One Lap of America, May 3-11, 2013

Leh Keen and Doug Wilks took first place overall by a dominating 200-point margin in this 30th running of One Lap of America. Their TopSpeed Motorsports Nissan GTR sported a GOODAero Raptor wing which helped make the car and team shockingly consistent. In seventeen separate speed events, the team failed to take first overall only five times. Of those, they posted three seconds, one third, and one fourth. Their weakest events? Wet- and dry skidpad lapping where aero doesn't really contribute much to the results.

But on the fast tracks? There, the effortless downforce and low drag of their Raptor wing contributed mightily to what were sometimes massive wins such as on the NOLA Motorsports Park North Long Course where the team's four-lap time was more than twelve seconds faster than second place.

This was TopSpeed Motorsports' fourth consecutive win in OLOA competition. We very much appreciate their choice of GOODAero for this year's aero support despite the fact it wasn't a freebie sponsorship deal. They had to buy their Raptor just like everyone else, but the results speak for themselves.

Danny Popp crushes the competition at Autobahn CC. Photo courtesy and copyright of David Dean. All rights reserved worldwide.

Photo courtesy of and copyright 2013 David Dean. All rights reserved worldwide

Heidts Performance Car Challenge (Midwest) Autobahn Country Club, May 11-12, 2013

Danny Popp started the weekend in the Heidts Camaro but, after it was sidelined with a mechanical issue, he continued by driving Todd Rumpke's "Snoopy" Corvette Z06 for the road course portion of the competition. Equipped with a GOODAero Raptor, Rumpke's Corvette is very fast on the race track, a fact that was demonstrated when Popp simply crushed the competition. On the road course, he posted a best single-lap time of 1:04.774, a full 6.131 seconds faster than the second place car. "Even with more than 650 horsepower at the wheels," he said, "the rear end of the Vette was absolutely hooked up in the fast turn five."

Drew Ewing wins at CMP

NASA Southeast at Carolina Motorsports Park, May 19, 2013

Drew Ewing, driving his hand control-operated GTS3 BMW E46 drove from seventh to first in a rain-soaked race described by several onlookers as awesome to watch. "Quite honestly," Ewing said, "the last thing Josh did after putting on the BFG wets was dial more downforce into the GOODAero wing, and both worked beautifully."

Danny Popp wins the 2011 Optima Street Car Shootout with a GOODAero Raptor wing. Photo courtesy of lateral-g.net

Photo courtesy of and copyright 2011 Lateral-g.net. All rights reserved worldwide

2011 Optima Ultimate Street Car Invitational, Las Vegas, Nevada, November 5, 2011

Danny Popp drove Todd Rumpke's Corvette Z06 to an overall win at the prestigious 2011 Optima Ultimate Street Car Invitational an annual day-after-SEMA event which pits the greatest street-legal performance cars in a winner-take-all (no 2nd place trophy) test of speed.

Danny's car can be seen above flying through the autocross portion of the event with its GOODAero Raptor wing. He smoked the field in the autocross with best lap of 38.251 seconds, nearly 1.2 seconds faster than Mary Pozzi's 2nd place 39.414.

That's mighty impressive until you realize his winning margin for a single lap of the road course was more than 2.5 seconds faster than Pete Callaway (yes, those Callaways) in his 652 horsepower Callaway Corvette SC652. Maybe the Callaways need a Raptor, too.

Road America, October 8-9, 2011

Congratulations to Paul Milligan for (1) winning the GTS1 race, (2) dropping the GTS1 track record by an amazing 7.120 seconds(!), and (3) clinching the 2011 Great Lakes Regional Championship. Paul uses a GOODAero Raptor on his 140hp BMW 318i, completely destroying the idea you can't put aero on lower-powered cars. As Paul knows, you most certainly can if it's the right aero.

Congrats also to Brad Waite (another Raptor user) for winning GTS2 that weekend and lowering that track record by over 2.3 seconds!

2011 NASA National Championships, September 8-11, 2011

Scott Good's 2008 and 2011 NASA GTS2 National Championship trophies. He was one of seven podium spots (out of only 10 wings entered) at the 2011 NASA National Championships at Mid-Ohio.

With just 10 GOODAero wings on the track at the 2011 NASA National Championships, we managed to snag a fantastic 7-1/2 podium positions (OK, technically it was seven, but John Graber crashed out while leading GTS1 so he gets half a point for the effort).

Congratulations to GOODAero podium finishers Brad Waite, Brant Giere, Paul Milligan, Aaron Leichty, Todd Rumpke, Jay Matus, and to Scott Good who finished first in GTS2 even after spinning off the track and into last place on the second lap. Honorable mention to John Graber and congrats to Christian Maloof and Sacha Clark who finished just off the podium in 4th and 6th places, respectively, in the massively-competitive 19-car GTS3 field.

Mid-Ohio, August 13-14, 2011

In Saturday's race, John Graber and Brant Giere (both Porsche 944s with GOODAero Raptor wings) took first and third in GTS1 while Scott Good and Brad Waite (944 S2s with Raptor wings) place first and second in GTS2, the only two of the eight GTS2 cars on the lead lap.

In Sunday's race, Christian Maloof (Porsche 993 with the GOODAero Talon) took first (of 11) in GTS3 while, Good and Waite again finished 1st and 2nd in GTS2 and Paul Milligan and Brant Giere finished 1st and 3rd, respectively, in GTS1.

Mid-Ohio, July 16-17, 2011

Saturday, Christian Maloof (Porsche 993 with GOODAero Talon wing) placed 3rd out of 13 in GTS3, Scott Good and Brad Waite took 1st and 3rd (of 10) in GTS2 with their Raptors, and John Graber, Brant Giere and Paul Milligan secured 3rd, 4th and 5th (of 10) in GTS1 with theirs.

In Sunday's race, Maloof again posted a 3rd in GTS3, Good and Waite again posted 1st and 3rd in GTS2, and in GTS1 Paul Milligan and John Graber made it a 1-2 for GOODAero.

Mid-Ohio, July 24-25, 2010

During the Raptor's competition debut at Mid-Ohio on July 24, 2010, Scott Good's Porsche 944 S2 set a new NASA GTS2 Club Course track record (1:40.001) despite the oppressive 94-degree air temperature.

The following day, in rainy conditions and from the next-to-slowest GTS class, Good qualified faster than all but one of the field's 24 GTS cars and nearly five seconds faster than the next in-class driver. His prep for the wet qualifying session? Two extra turns on the Raptor and a set of used rain tires. Otherwise, a normal full-dry setup.

Good went on to win Sunday's race in dry conditions by a margin of more than 4 seconds over second place.

Mid-Ohio, August 15, 2010

Running the Mid-Ohio Pro Course, Scott Good managed to qualify on the GTS2 class pole by 0.3 seconds in spite of running with virtually no rear brakes due to a bias valve problem.

In the race — with four working brakes — he briefly dropped back to third at the start but climbed into 2nd a lap later then, following a 3-lap full-course yellow, moved into the lead a lap after that.

At the end of the 14-lap race, Good led the class by more than 20 seconds, was the only GTS2 car still on the lead lap, and set a new GTS2 Pro Course track record of 1:37.211, more than 1.7 seconds quicker than the next-fastest in-class competitor.

Putnam Park, October 10, 2010

After qualifying second overall in the GTS2-5 field of seventeen cars Scott Good led GTS2 for most of the first race even though early on, a spinning GTS3 car creased the entire right side of the car, pushing both right fenders into their respective tires. However, Good maintained the class lead until a low-percentage passing decision cost him the lead late in the race. Quickly catching up, he was unable to re-pass and had to settle for his first non-win of the season, second place by a mere 0.358 seconds. Video below.

In the day's second race, again starting off-pole Good led from flag to flag, managing to hold off a hard-charging Mike Ward at the finish.

At the end of the season, Good's record for the year included 8 wins, 1 second, 3 track records, every pole, and fastest in class for every timed session he partcipated in.