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The first race of the season for me came at Pocono long course, running clockwise. Needless to say not a downforce track.  I ran 1 degree of wing but was probably the only non-Miata type taking T1 Flat out.  Maybe one other GTS2 racer was too in his e36.  I am not sure of the track record there as we ran without a chicane and don’t even know if there was a previous time set for that.  But I was running GTS3 times and being called a cheater!!!!  LOL…  the car was fast, hooked, and I could out brake anything anywhere!  No point in talking setup in the infield as the track is so epic bumpy and messed up that there was no way one could dial anything in….

2nd race was same Pocono long but counter-clockwise, an even FASTER configuration.  I ripped off a record qualifying time that could have had me in the top 3 GTS3 I believe…    I put on used 255 R6s for the day.  Again running 1 degree of wing with some added extra camber to help in a few places…  So at the end of the race, I finished ahead of every GTS3 car!  LOL….!  New “almost confirmed” (they have not been posted yet) track record even with a new huge bump entering the infield which is probably good for another second.

3rd race was at NJMP Lightning, very technical….  Track was particularly slippery.   Strong record pace qualifying again but still fighting a push here and there inclusive of the last turn before the long straight which was costing me dearly.  Car was just hooked, and now that I was learning to drive it, I was getting fast…  Qualified on Pole in Class starting 2nd in group behind Jonathan Baker who ripped a blindingly fast lap in his Acura.  Put a pass into T1 for the overall lead, he gave me room (out of class) and I led to the checkered with about 10 sec lead over 2nd.  New Track record with a 1:15.252.

4th race on Sunday at Lightning.  Dialed out some front compression damping and dialed in some more rebound and that helped immensely in T1.  Went down to 3 degrees from 4.  Ripped a 1:14.83 in qualifying!  ½ a second faster than my new previous day track record.  They combined the race groups and I started toward the front with a whole lot of GTS3, 4 and Vettes all around.  I sucked wind most of the initial 3 laps and did not even notice the 2nd place GTS2 get through.  Trying to get around his DQ-worthy blocking, I put 2 off and bent a rear wheel coming back on track.  Kept on going but the car got crazy loose with the rear right going flat.  For good measure, I guess since I was so hooked in T7 now, I started getting fuel starvation at the very last turn, and my race was over then.  Managed to finish but never dropped the record to the 14s where it should be!

5th race came back at Pocono doing the double infield.  Wing back at 3….  Car again was hooked…  Here for the first time I got the rear to come around…  Trail braking heavily entering the south infield from the back straight, the back slowly came around….  Nice and smoothly though to full lock.  I was able to recover the slide and did not loop it.  Qualified with track record pace and ahead of all (3) GTS3 again.  Race ended and I set the new track record :-)

6th race doing same double infield.  Car was getting really beat up so I only changed the setup to keep it from bottoming out and scraping the splitter and diffuser in a million places…  Even though I again qualified in front of the now only 2 GTS3 cars, I let them by after backing off a bit in the race.  Did not lower the record, but the car ran great….

In other words….  This wing ROCKS!!!!  

Pablo Crespo
1991 Porsche 968, NASA GTS2

"The GOODAero Raptor wing is genius wrapped in carbon fiber. It produces significantly more downforce than my old fiberglass wing (which came from another very well-known supplier of Porsche parts).

"Plus, in addition to selling me the wing, the folks at GOODAero helped me select the best spring rates and splitter combination to make their wing work most efficiently for me. 

"Here's the bottom line: My car is hooked up and rockin' under load in the corners and slammin' into braking zones with nary a wiggle from the rear end. That spells confidence for the driver and makes for quicker laptimes. My hat is off to the genius behind the Raptor wing."

Wellborn Jack, III
1991 Porsche 944 S2, NASA GTS2 #069